mod_pointer is an Apache module for making domain redirects easy - the known service of many hosting providers that lets a domain point to your webpage on another server.

The configuration part of the mappings are handled in either a MySQL or Postgresql database or a NDBM or SDBM db file, so it's easy to build a webbased interface for letting users change it on their own.

How to install and configure mod_pointer is described in the INSTALL and pointer.conf files in the distribution.


The latest release is available from here.


A full browsable cvs tree is available at

It is now possible to get anonymous access to the CVS repository

cvs -d login
Password: anon

cvs -d co mod_pointer


A users mailinglist have been setup. Here you can ask your questions on mod_pointer, request new features or just help. To subscribe, send a mail to modpointer-subscribe(at)


Thomas Eibner and he can be reached at thomas(at)stderr(dot)net For his personal homepage go to

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